Pr┼żno, Montenegro

Half of the modest sized beach is framed by white stone homes with crawling bougainvillea and blue shutters, inspiring all of the romance and beauty of an untouched Mediterranean village.

From the Bay to the Beach – our new digs

Przno feels like a completely different world as it’s situated on a beautiful beach on the Adriatic. The extreme differences in landscape between Przno and the Bay of Kotor is indicative of Montenegro on a whole which continues to surprise and excite us with its many extremes.

Adam & Molly Go to Montenegro

In Belgrade we boarded a large plane that was unmarked – completely without logos or signage except for a small Serbian flag and tiny Cyrillic script near the tail. Luckily, when you hate flying like I do, an unmarked plane doesn’t really add to the fear of flying, it just validates it.