Looking Back at Our Two Boats

Betty Jean is the opposite of Grand Slam: she is smaller and closer to the water yet almost 20% heavier, with a full keel and bowsprit. She is a ketch, with a main, mizzen main and genoa, as opposed to a sloop with a large main and jib.


Shiny New Port Hole

For Christmas this year, my dad gave Adam and I the most awesome gift – a new port hole! Below is a shot of the boat pre-porthole – take a look at the front of the white cabin. And the modest master at work: Our new porthole is the greatest thing. It lets in a…

Cleaning the Floorboards

Yesterday we undertook a project we’ve been talking about for months – pulling up all the floorboards, cleaning what’s underneath and polishing the boards themselves. Adam did this project solo quite awhile back, but in the years since the floor has had a lot of wear and tear – and due to our recent trip…