A Day on Glossglockner Road

Driving on Austria’s Glossglockner Road reminded us of the quintessential trip to a National Park in the United States where tourists hop into a car and spend the day seeing the sights from the road.

A Week of Eating and Hiking at Ropferstub’m and Ropferhof

Molly, Tom, Barb and I spent a week in a chalet at the Ropferhof Guesthouse in the Tirol region of Austria. The property is set next to a large network of hiking trails and consists of a chalet, large guesthouse and the Ropferstub’m restaurant which sit high above the Inn Valley, overlooking Alpine peaks . The owners,…

Drunk off The Dolomites, Day Two

On day two we ascended three times higher than the previous day on Alta Badia, and landed on what looked and felt like the moon. It was unreal, and such a total departure from the lush meadows and rolling hills of the mountains below. As I write this two weeks later, we’re still drunk off…

Drunk off The Dolomites, Day One

Previously unknown and unimagined by three of us (except for Adam who had placed the Dolomites at the top of his list of things to see in Europe), we were collectively FLOORED (like jaws on the ground) by the vast landscape of uniquely laudable mountains in every direction.