A Day on Glossglockner Road

Driving on Austria’s Glossglockner Road reminded us of the quintessential trip to a National Park in the United States where tourists hop into a car and spend the day seeing the sights from the road.

A Week of Eating and Hiking at Ropferstub’m and Ropferhof

Molly, Tom, Barb and I spent a week in a chalet at the Ropferhof Guesthouse in the Tirol region of Austria. The property is set next to a large network of hiking trails and consists of a chalet, large guesthouse and the Ropferstub’m restaurant which sit high above the Inn Valley, overlooking Alpine peaks . The owners,…

The Montenvers Glacier

On the rocks along the steps there are signs of where the glacier was in previous years and you as you descend you begin to comprehend the massive amount of ice melt that has occurred in the last 20 years and continues to accelerate.

Parks of Paris: Place Vosges

Place Vosges, in the heart of the Marais District, is one of the more pleasant places to spend an afternoon in Paris. Molly and I recently enjoyed a shady picnic lunch under its bosquet of linden trees and watched teenagers throw each other into the many fountains throughout the grassy park.