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1-Search results for InstagramWe both grew up sailing with our dads. After living in San Francisco and Washington DC, we decided to move to San Diego to live on a sailboat and seek out sailing adventures.

Over the course of four years we owned two different boats which we took to Catalina and the Channel Islands, as well as up and down the Southern California coast. We documented stories about boat life, boat projects and our travels via Adam and Molly Go Sailing.

In late 2013, friends offered us the chance to live in their old, stone house in Southwestern France, giving us the start to what will become 10 months of traveling in Europe. We spent a winter falling in love with boulangeries, walking the French countryside, sipping pineau and cognac and driving through France. In the spring we headed to Montenegro for some beach time and the chance to explore the Balkans with all of its complex history and diverse cultures. We’re looking forward to spending the summer in Paris, the Austrian Alps and Scotland before returning to France for the fall.

After Europe we’re excited to settle in Boston to be near friends and get back to sailing!



Blogs We Love (and people we copy)

Our Two Boats

Frequently Asked Questions about our Europe Trip

One thought on “About A&M

  1. Hi Adam and Molly,
    I am now tuned in! Looking forward to more and more! Wish I could join you for a palmier or pan au chocolat this morning with a cafe creme! I MISS France, but will be back there in June to camp in Normandie after five days in Paris (in our old hotel in the 15th, where we always stay). So happy you are there!
    Sandy Good sgonnerm@gmail.com

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