Adam and Molly go to Edinburgh and Sleep in a Shipping Container

When Adam and I initially set dates for Edinburgh we didn’t realize our visit would overlap with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and this happy coincidence is how we ended up:

1) Extending our stay by 4 days, totaling a week;

2) Sleeping in 1/4 of a storage container turned portable hotel;



10-IMG_54003) Seeing 15 fantastic shows including, but not limited to: Addams Family: The Musical, The Odyssey: an epic musical epic, Ernest: Much Ado about Muffins, Alba: A New Scottish Musical, Pants Down Circus, Best of Burlesque, Birdmann: A Man Like No Other Man, Naked in Alaska (a one woman show) and Show Pony (a two women in one horse costume show).

IMG_5471A few of the best days of our 10 months of European travel were spent at the Fringe Festival, walking aimlessly through Edinburgh’s dreary and magical streets. We floated with the crowds from venue to venue, from beer garden to beer garden, pausing to take in the hundreds of awkward and astounding street performances along the way.

In between our busy fringe schedule, we managed to catch up on Parks and Rec episodes in our hotel cube, participate in an awesome literary pub tour (Rabbie Burns anyone?), do a few whiskey tastings, look for Detective Rebus at the Oxford Bar, and talk A LOT about Harry Potter (it’s like we died and went to Hogwarts). You may be interested to know that there’s a Tom Riddle headstone in the local cemetery, just sayin.

Edinburgh has sung and danced and sword-swallowed its way into our hearts and we can’t wait to go back for more.





2-Scotland edited7-IMG_5346

1-iphone27-IMG_52592-Scotland edited14-IMG_53025-Scotland


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