Rosengarten Hiking Trail

First off, there is not a rose garden at the end of the Rosengarten trail. Instead you’ll find a small lake surrounded by sunbathers, a roller coaster and a few hotels.

Still though, the Rosengarten Trail in Imst, Austria is one of the best short hikes we’ve ever taken.



IMG_4608Within the town of Imst, next to the town’s church and across the street from the information center, the trail starts along a row of houses built into massive sheets of stone, Tirolean style facades against the stone and windows carved out of the stone for the upstairs bedrooms.

IMG_4609The trail quickly ascends along the side of the gorge and next to the rushing glacial river and its many waterfalls. Like so many trails in Austria and the Alps, the Rosengarten trail is exquisitely engineered and its immediately apparent how much time and energy it took to built out the platforms and bridges allowing people to venture into he gorge.

2-IMG_42771-misc1Frequent stops are necessary to take in views from bridges soaring way above the river and across the gorge.

5-IMG_4496IMG_4604At the top of the gorge the climate is dry and hot, feeling almost like the Sierra Nevada, though the Tirolean architecture and Alpine peaks in the distance remind you where you are.


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