Drunk off The Dolomites, Day One

On our way from Chamonix, France to Tirol, Austria we decided to spend a few days in Italy’s Dolomite mountain range.

Previously unknown and unimagined by three of us (except for Adam who had placed the Dolomites at the top of his list of things to see in Europe), we were collectively FLOORED (like jaws on the ground) by the vast landscape of uniquely laudable mountains in every direction.

Of the dozens of small mountain towns we stayed in lovely Corvara at the foot of the Mt. Sassongher. From there we had gondola access to hundreds of different hikes.




On Day one we took a gondola and ski lift up to the Alta Badia ski resort area where we walked among meadows, spun like Julie Andrews, and contemplated the surrounding snow-capped mountains over a few cold beers on a sunny, high elevation patio.

Here are some (well, lots) of my favorite pictures from that day.









 Here are pics from day two.

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