Dinner on the Seine


Last week we did something a little out of character for us and it ended up being one of our very favorite nights in Paris. Along with our friends John and Christine, we hopped onboard Le Calife for a a two hour Seine dinner cruise.

Back in December when we were in Paris over Christmas, I noticed Le Calife tied up to the bank of the Seine and decided if we were ever to pony up the dough for an ultra-touristy evening on the river, it would be on this boat. Unlike its modern, sleek dinner cruise counterparts, Le Calife has a romantic, old timey nautical charm (and lanterns galore) that were simply calling my name.

The evening included a four course meal and two hours of slowly motoring up and down the Seine, culminating in a beautiful sunset view of Notre Dame and a long glimpse of a luminous Eiffel Tower. Truly not a bad way to spend an evening in Paris.





4-Seine Dinner Cruise 2-IMG_3019





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