Stari Bar, Montenegro

The old town of Bar – called Stari Bari – lies 5 km east from the waterfront  of the modern city of Bar, site of Montenegro’s main shipping port.

The old town is high above the ocean and set on large hill in front of Montenegro’s coastal mountain range.


Built before 1000, Stari Bar managed to maintain its virtual independence until 1571 when it was overrun by the Ottoman empire. After a 300 years rule, it managed to push out the Ottomans during the revolts of 1877 and 1878 and was soon incorporated into the newly recognized state of Montenegro.

Today, the area surrounding  Stari Bar appears to be largely Muslim with a striking double-minaret mosque lying just below the town.



The walled town is mostly ruins though a few beautiful buildings still remain. The views of the mountains to the east and the Adriatic to the west are extraordinary from the high town walls. The small cobblestone streets leading up to the city are full of cafes and bars, a pleasant place to grab a meal or a drink after exploring the old city.




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