From the Bay to the Beach – our new digs

Molly and I have “moved” down the coast to Przno where we’ll be staying here in Montenegro until early June.

Though just a short drive down the coast from the Bay of Kotor (where we stayed for seven weeks) Przno feels like a completely different world as it’s situated on a beautiful beach on the Adriatic. The extreme differences in landscape between Przno and the Bay of Kotor is indicative of Montenegro on a whole which continues to surprise and excite us with its many extremes.

Przno is part of the “Budva Riviera”, a stretch of coastline from Budva south that has many little towns placed upon the many beautiful coves that make up the coastline here. Budva, itself is a five mile walk away and has an old walled town alongside a more beach party atmosphere.

We are in a guest house 50 meters from the beach called the Budva Springs Apartment where we have a cozy apartment with a balcony overlooking the ocean (see airbnb listing here). As with everywhere we go in the Balkans, the hospitality has been extraordinary and Vesna and Simo, who own the place helped us host our friends Julian and then Keith who came to visit us over our first couple of weeks here.



przno apartment

our balcony

After a few weeks here with friends and a week long trip to Serbia, the Romanian Danube and Bulgaria, we’re mostly planning to stay put in Przno for our final four weeks. To the locals, the 70 degree weather is still cold, but for us it’s been just perfect for sitting on the beach and reading all day. With a new stack of books picked up in Belgrade, walks along the beach north to Budva and jogs in and around Sveti Stefan just south of us, we’re looking forward to a relaxing last month in Montenegro.




the small resort island of Sveti Stefan


3 thoughts on “From the Bay to the Beach – our new digs

    • Why yes I did, thank you for noticing Nan! I got an upgraded version of my old camera which Mariah delivered in person when she visited a few weeks back. My sis and my new camera all at once – it felt like Christmas morning.


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