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One way to tell that you are, in fact, living the good life, is when you are residing on a beautiful bay next to a beautiful walled-in town and you say to yourself, you know, maybe I’d like a change of scenery. So you go drive 90 minutes up the coast and spend a few days overlooking another beautiful town, but this one actually sits on magnificent peninsula rising out of the ocean. Thus was our “vacation” to Dubrovnik this week, a short drive up the coast into Croatia.


We spent three days in Dubrovnik. We walked the city walls that surround the the Old Town, we took the gondola to the fortress overlooking the city and walked through the streets of Old Town before heading up the coast towards the port towns that border Dubrovnik.

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Of all our travels, Dubrovnik was by far the most tourist filled place we’d been to yet – I shuddered a little just thinking about the summer crowds that would pile in through the walls. And, according to the Adam and Molly Index, Dubrovnik was the most expensive place we’ve visited.

But the reasons are clear, it’s an absolutely stunning and beautiful walled city that feels very much like it was built for you and everyone else to come in droves to enjoy all it’s splendor – almost like Disneyland…or Prague.







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The options for lodging in Dubrovnik revolve around staying inside or outside the old city. We chose to stay in a place in the hills above the city and were very happy we did. We found a great guest house through AirBnB and were afforded an amazing view of the entire city. The hills are traversed via stairs and are steep – it took maybe five minutes to walk down to Old Town but 20 to walk back up, but it’s entirely worth the view of the Adriatic, its islands and Dubrovnik below.



the view from our apt

5 thoughts on “Dubrovnik

  1. Those stairs in Dubrovnik nearly did us in. I’m glad you sprung for the gondola ride and the walk around the walls…we passed on it after seeing how expensive it was, so we’re living vicariously through your photos!

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  2. Thanks Jeremy! Yes, both the gondola ride and walking the walls were by far the most expensive things we’ve done in Europe. The walls were probably worth it (especially since they got us out of the crowds of the city). The 20 bucks to ride a gondola for 5 minutes felt like a a bit much but I really wanted to see the Homeland Museum in the fortress.


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  4. Enjoyed reading about your stay here in my home town. However I am totally confused about the cost of the wall as it is only 100 Kuna, approximately $18 and the same price for the cable car. Yes a short ride to the top of Mt Srd, but so well worth the price for the view and the museum.


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