A Trip to BiH: Sarajevo

Sarajevo was a city that Adam and I will never forget. We were lucky enough to be the recipients of true Bosnian hospitality in the form of a friend of a friend, Nermina, who spent a day with us and introduced us to her hometown. We enjoyed the panoramic view of the city from her lovely home in the hills, we walked through the old Ottoman quarter and down the 19th century Austrian promenade, we had coffee at a Viennese cafe, we ate ćevapi (delicious grilled minced meat served in a warm pita with onions and buttery sour cream) in the Turkish quarter and completed our evening with a local cherry brandy in an atmospheric bar across the from the eternal flame.

Sarajevo struck us as a friendly, tolerant, multicultural, midsized city with a beautiful backdrop of gradual hills and steep mountains. Influences from the Ottoman empire of the east and the Roman, Venetian, Austro-Hungarian empires of the west have left an indelible mark on the city through culture and religion. Few places on earth feature an Orthodox and a Catholic church, a mosque and a synagogue within easy walking distance of each other.

During our stay, we learned a lot about Sarajevo’s recent history and thoroughly enjoyed its hospitality, delicious food and leisurely cafe culture.

A big thanks to Nermina, our Sarajevo ambassador and new friend.

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