An Intertube is Our Back-up Plan

Living just feet from the spectacular Bay of Kotor – and with a private concrete dock at our disposal – Adam has been on the hunt for a small sailboat, dinghy or even kayak to get us out on the water. Although there are dozens of rental companies in the area, most of them are closed for the winter. We’ve even considered buying a small boat for our 3 month stay – and have tried our luck at yacht clubs, sailing clubs and with yacht brokers, but none of them seem to be operating this time of year.


the dock directly outside of our house

Adam finally got ahold of a rental company in Old Town Kotor that has one boat available. They’ve spent the last week making it presentable and so tomorrow, we’re going to see a woman about a dinghy.

Based on what we’ve seen from our frequent walks along the bay, we’re cautiously optimistic.









6 thoughts on “An Intertube is Our Back-up Plan

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    • Thanks Randy! More rain this past week has left even more dinghies listing and begging for attention.

      Also, I found another Free Luff clone this week – this one is right next to where we keep our dinghy. I keep looking longingly at the bow wanting to drink a beer on the net and expecting to smell some good vegetarian cooking coming from the galley, but alas . . . no :-(


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