One thought on “Just Pics: Doors, Shutters and Textures of Rural France

  1. Hi Adam and Molly,
    I am Ruth’s friend from many years ago. She shared this with me because the two of you share a love of France with me. I have spent the last four summers camping all over France and will do so once again this summer. I truly love your photos and now that I know you are here, will follow your blog! I envy you and hope you are learning French! I am frustrated since I go, I learn, I return to San Diego and practice, I forget a lot, I return, I learn…. not many opportunities to practice with “real” French people here. There is a French boulangerie in Monterey, owned by a French man and his American wife. It is a WONDERFUL place where I get a little taste, when I am there, of the France I love.

    The doors are wonderful. I have, so often, looked closely at walls here and there in France, to see bullet holes. France seems to be a giant grave yard, too, from wars. They were so terribly battered so many times. But it is lovely. Chablis is my very favorite place. My daughter spent three weeks by herself in Biarritz last spring and fell in love as well. Her goal is to return as soon as possible. She rode the train from Paris, after a short stay in Paris also, which we love. Aaaahhhhh, France! Thank you for letting me live vicariously!

    With best wishes,
    Sandy Gonnerman


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