A Babs about Town

My mom, Barbara, recently visited us and it was delightful, to say the least. On our way home from a trip over the holidays to Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague, Adam and I circled back to the Paris airport to greet her newly arrived, smiling face. From there we took a three hour train from Paris to Angoulême and a 40 minute drive west to Bassac. Upon arriving at the house we put on hats and scarves, poured glasses of wine and strolled around an eerily quiet Bassac, frozen in time, with its shuttered stone homes and its ancient narrow streets. We walked towards the sound of church bells and found the abbey illuminated under a bright moon. What a treat to experience this calming, picturesque place through my mom’s eyes for the first time.


An airport reunion, celebrated over train station chocolate mousse


A view of the abbey a few steps from our door


The forest bordering Bassac


Vineyards in every direction


Babs strolling down our street – the house is just up and to the right


The creek running through Bassac – part of the Charente river


Charente river across on the bank opposite town

A cemetery just out of town - with a view of the abbey steeple

A cemetery just out of town – with a view of the abbey steeple

Our days spent in Bassac were very relaxing – by day we walked through neighboring towns and by night we indiscriminately sampled local wines.








5 thoughts on “A Babs about Town

  1. Your jet-setter mom is now navigating the bustling streets of Mérida, Yucatán, with her usual grace. How fine to have them here!


    • Oh goodie! I know you kids are having a splendid time, can’t wait to hear all about it! ps..tell that jetsetter mom of mine to find some wifi and text me :)


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