A Prague Blog

After New Years in Berlin, we hopped on a train Prague!


Quick Highlights

1. Petřín hill with my San Diego friend Marian who was visiting family in Slovakia took a detour to meet up with us. To take a break from the hoards of tourists packing the streets of Prague, we picked Petřín hill – a massive hilltop public park – to spend the afternoon. We took the funicular up and later, walked the zigzagging paths down. From the top we got an awesome panoramic view of Prague. Petřín hill also has a rose garden and several other attractions which we couldn’t enjoy fully in the winter, but it was still well worth the trip.

1-Prague edited

2. Food at the Christmas markets: We visited Prague right after New Years and their holiday fair was still in full swing in the Old Town Square. Visitors could see (and sample of course) traditional foods being made and my favorite was the abundant Trdelnik (a Slovak pastry sprinkled with sugar) which you would spot rotating over an open fire.




3. This.


4. The Views from the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. Head to the Charles Bridge at night for a real treat – very few people and all the lights of Prague.



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