Things I already regret buying – France

The French grocery stores we’ve seen so far are full of fun stuff – clothes, electronics, decorations – whatever the heart desires. In our case, that particular item was twinkly lights to hang around our living space creating a sense of magic, wonder and holiday spirit that only twinkly lights can do. This box was a real bargain compared to its counterparts, so we bought several. We were celebrating our good fortune all the way home until we plugged them in to realized that clignotante means “flashing” and I can only assume lumineuse means “incessant.” Well, now Christmas is ruined.


Don’t be fooled, bacon doesn’t in fact make everything taste better. Some things, like Cheetos,  are universally perfect just the way they are. Life lesson: don’t be lured in by the promise of bacon, be a little more discriminating! French lesson: gout means “flavoring” and bacon flavoring as it turns out, is disgusting.


This French yogurt drink tastes like poison. I wouldn’t recommend it.


5 thoughts on “Things I already regret buying – France

  1. You crack me right up! Can’t wait to hear your story unfold. I’m just a tad jealous that it won’t involve seasickness or life-threatening weather.
    You’re adventures have taken a quite fascinating turn. Keep the posts coming!
    xo, B (& D)


  2. Uh, the bag in and of itself of the not-so-tasty-bacon snacks should have been your first clue. What is that? A drawing of a piece of bacon? That’s just wrong.


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  4. What ever made you think the “yogurt” drink would taste good? After all, it’s called “acetone” and made by a company called “BioTek”. It sounds like bioengineered nail polish remover to me.


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