Adam and Molly Go to France

Thursday, November 28

4pm – load luggage (see below) into cab (cab driver with furrowed brow, instantly regretting his proximity to our house at the time of our call to his dispatcher, not pictured), drive to Dulles Airport.

7pm – flight delayed

8:30pm – board flight on Icelandair

Friday, November 29

6:30am (12:30am DC time)- Arrive in Reykjavik, sprint to connecting flight

6:45am – Board flight to Paris

12pm – Land in Paris, head to train station for 4 hour wait

4:30pm – Train to Angoulême

8pm – Arrival at train station. Greeted by a lovely British man who had been instructed to look for two weary travelers, one with polka dotted luggage

8:30pm – Lovely British man takes us to a grocery store for supplies

9:30pm – Arrive at new home

Piece of cake.


Luggage and camping gear for 10 months of living in France and traveling around


Long before the travel exhaustion set in


So efficient


Chocolate covered licorice! I’ve always had my suspicions that Iceland was an insane place and now I know for sure. Also, the two Icelandic movies I watched on the plane didn’t help. .


Long after travel exhaustion sets in – chilly wait at Paris train station


Train station chocolate mousse – one of the single greatest things I’ve ever tasted. Maybe I’ll head back there for a special occasional.


The warmest, quietest, most blissful train ride to date

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