A Tale of Two Dinghies

Did I go for the easy title? Perhaps. Do I regret it? Not for a second.

Earlier this year, the family took on a team project of constructing two identical Eastport Pram dinghies from a kit. We estimated that in a few weeks time we’d be finished – and several months later (who’s counting anyway) I’m happy to report that they are done and they are beauties!

The arrival of the kit + one handsome dad

Step One: Turning one dinghy into two:

Tracing all the pieces

Molly with jigsaw

Router demo

Step Two: Stitch and Glue

Step Three: Epoxy

Demonstrating how the dinghy will be cut in half so that it will become a nesting dinghy

Tommy did the rest of the work, so the “team project” that I referred to earlier was really more in spirit than practice.

Before the final steps, T & B brought our dinghy down to Betty Jean to make sure that it was able to nest on top of the cabin per our plan.

The last steps involved painting and installing oar locks and a rub rail.

Adam and Molly’s Dinghy! Aint she a beauty?

Now to make sure they float. . .

Carrying T&B’s dinghy to the neighbor’s pool to toss ‘er in!

One can never have too many boats

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