What. An Idiot. (A Treatise on Proper Anchoring Manners)

You know when you’re in a completely empty movie theater or bus and then some jackass sits right next to you – and they’re not doing it for funny?! Well, the anchoring equivalent of that happened to us in Little Harbor the other day and I’m still reeling, even though we’ve since relocated to Cat Harbor.

Yesterday, the other two boats in the cove pulled up anchor and we were left alone – a rare thing for a small, protected Catalina anchorage in late summer. Knowing it wouldn’t last, we laid out on the deck taking in the sun and the open 360 view around us.

Shortly thereafter a pretty Beneteau sailboat comes in, almost runs over our stern line and then makes several unsuccessful attempts at anchoring – each attempt, an exact replication of the one that proceeded it. Despite the unlimited amount of space, this idiot anchors right next to us, our cockpits eye to eye, as if he had pulled into the parking space next to us. It was reminiscent of our days in the marina and in my book, a massive anchoring faux pas. After he put out his stern anchor, he motored over to the side of our boat in his inflatable, and I was thinking to myself, “ok relax, he’s probably coming over to admit he sucks at anchoring and apologize for ending up so uncomfortably close to us.”

“So, you guys thought you had the anchorage all to yourselves!” he yelled with a smirk.

F@*# that guy.

A bird’s eye view of the absurdity of it all.


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