Little Boat Improvements That Go a Long Way

In an attempt to turn Grand Slam into an old wooden boat on the inside, we’ve added a few pretty little things that give the boat a super homey feel.


My mom skillfully turned some of the table runners she made for our wedding into curtains for the boat. We replaced the old, dirty accordion style blinds that came with the boat with the flowery ones you see before you.

Mason Jars

This was an idea that I got from another boat preparing for a long trip. Adam and I thought it was a really cool idea and helps with storing most of our staples while keeping some readily available. We bolted the lids to the underside of an existing shelf that holds all of our dishes.

We also installed two 12 volt fans that have completely changed our life for the better, one in the salon and one in the aft cabin. They barely use any energy and they are champs at keeping the air moving. And the last “pretty little thing” for now are the three bulletin boards we put over the navigation desk.

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