A Major Life Improvement: The Raritan Boat Head

Since we moved onto the boat in January (and even before), the toilet on the boat has caused us continual pains: ungodly odors, leaky parts, clogged pipes – and most recently, an issue with the manual flush. We’ve been utilizing the marina bathrooms, a short walk from the boat, but have agreed that this isn’t an acceptable lifestyle to settle into. The toilet has been replaced a few times before with an economic model, which we considered doing again until we came across this beauty: the Raritan PHII.

ph_2Pretty sweet, I know. So we decided to upgrade toilets (the Raritan comes very highly recommended by the sailing and bathroom going community) and spend our Saturday doing the very dirty job of installing it. Thankfully, Adam had had previous experience with toilet installation and walked me through it. It turned out to be pretty straight forward and could have been way more gross.




Next up on our long list of boat repairs: mysterious propane problem.


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