From My Vantage Point..

Given the size of our new living space we’ve all had to make some adjustments. Dana for instance, no longer has her food bowls on the floor in the kitchen, instead they sit upon a precariously narrow platform on the forward bunk. In order to eat she has to stand with her front feet on the platform and back feet on the “couch”, straddling a window that separates the front cabin from the main salon.

From my vantage point in the main salon, I always get a chuckle as I’m reminded of a favorite Winnie The Pooh episode. I do fear that this day will come…


One thought on “From My Vantage Point..

  1. Maybe straddling the window sill while eating will help Dana tighten up her abs a bit – or maybe that’s asking a bit much. By the way, I was telling a multiple cat owning friend about your fear that Dana might accidentally jump overboard. She suggested that you could get her a harness so that if she does go overboard while leashed, she won’t choke or slip out of her collar and drown. Apparently this suggestion stems from my friend having once found a dog hanging from a second story balcony by a leash tied to a choke chain (!) That story had a surprisingly happy ending, but it seems to have left a lasting impression.


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