What does your keychain say about you?

I used to have a keychain that could fit inside my wallet. Now I practically need a dock cart (see below) to get it from place to place. The newest addition to my keychain is a practically life sized flotation device – as I don’t want my keys to meet the fate of Adam’s iPod. Although hard to believe, this style was by far the most modest and inconspicuous keychain flotation device available at West Marine.

As I was purchasing the keychain I could picture my mom smirking and nodding with smug satisfaction. She would be thinking back to a day when I was little and we were visiting my aunt and uncle’s boat. On this occasion I was walking the short distance from the boat to the car twirling my aunt and uncle’s keys around my finger and showboating down the dock. My mom warned me to stop twirling and I refused, laughing in defiance.

Not more than five seconds went by before the keychain went sailing off the end of my finger and plopped into the water.

At the time, I didn’t know which was worse… spending the rest of the afternoon fashioning a magnet to a fishing pole and eventually giving my uncle my allowance to pay for a new one, or admitting to my mom that she was right.


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