Another day, Another Water Related Casualty

Living on a boat one can only hope to keep their favorite possessions on board at all times…that is, without falling into the water. We had an almost perfect record of this so far – with the exception of an incident involving Laurie’s book club book falling into the water during our 15 hour sail home from Catalina –conveniently, it’s title says “HELP” on the front cover for whoever finds it floating off the coast of L.A.

Tonight however, we had our second and decidedly more tragic casualty: Adam’s iPod. One minute he was stepping off the boat with his iPod and earphones in hand and the next he was watching his red Nano sink quickly in the dark depths of the Marriott marina. It happened so fast Adam didn’t even have time to panic –or  jump in after it as he once did for some slippery shish kabobs that were so carefully prepared a few years ago in Catalina.

As we mourn the loss of his iPod, we wonder what will end up inadvertently in the water next, and pray it’s not our (undoubtedly bouyant) cat Dana.


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